Secret Kitchen Reno Hack That Will Save You $

Today I’m sharing with you my kitchen reno hack that will save you HUNDEREDS of dollars.

When I was doing my kitchen renovation (which I should add I’m still in the middle of) I didn’t want to spend an outrageous amount on simple things like door hinges, sinks, cabinet door handles and lighting.

I also didn’t want to wined up shopping for everything at the thrift store. (Don’t get me wrong I love the thrift store) but I was going for a modern look in my kitchen renovation, which meant I wanted to buy new modern items.

When I went to Home Depot I was astonished to find out that just for the hardware for my cupboard doors I was going to be looking at at least $50, plus new stainless steel sink $300 and a faucet for that sink $300. Nearly $900 on what I see as really simple products!

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