Secret Kitchen Reno Hack That Will Save You $

Today I’m sharing with you my kitchen reno hack that will save you HUNDEREDS of dollars.

When I was doing my kitchen renovation (which I should add I’m still in the middle of) I didn’t want to spend an outrageous amount on simple things like door hinges, sinks, cabinet door handles and lighting.

I also didn’t want to wined up shopping for everything at the thrift store. (Don’t get me wrong I love the thrift store) but I was going for a modern look in my kitchen renovation, which meant I wanted to buy new modern items.

When I went to Home Depot I was astonished to find out that just for the hardware for my cupboard doors I was going to be looking at at least $50, plus new stainless steel sink $300 and a faucet for that sink $300. Nearly $900 on what I see as really simple products!

I made my kitchen countertops for $50 so no way in hell was I willing to spend $900 on hinges, doorknobs, and a sink! I knew there had to be a better place to find these things.

I got thinking to my days as an Amazon reseller. I knew that one could buy bulk items from China that were the same quality as the items that the big box stores were selling. Could this same provable be used for kitchen renovations? 

The answer? Yes! And it’s easier than you think.

Alibaba is a site I used to use all the time to buy bulk orders of products, the only issue was that you couldn’t buy just 20 hinges, you’d have to buy 500 of them. Luckily Alibaba saw the demand for lower quantities of the items on the site and made Ali Express.

On AliExpress you can buy literally any item under the sun, for rock bottom prices. The catch? If you want to keep the cost of these items to a minimum, you’re going to have to buy them a few weeks in advance. 

AliExpress has free shipping options, which is amazing… but this means shipping times are as long as 6 weeks. Which can be a bit frustrating when  you’re in the middle of renovations and want to put your doors back on your cupboard.

Let me tell you though, it’s well worth the wait. Let’s compare the cost of the items I was going to buy at Home Depot vs AliExpress 


home depot vs AliExpress

One of the first things I wanted to purchase for my kitchen was this a sleek new black sink. When I went to home depot and saw that it was going to cost $249.00, I decided i’d just stick with my free thrift store faucet. Then I looked up that same faucet on AliExpress and was pretty freaking happy when I saw an even better version of that sink for onl $74.85 shipped to my door!

Door Knobs

This one really blew me away. $4.36 for handles on Home Depot and only $0.85 on AliExpress!

Door Handles

Now I need to be honest here, the handle from Home Depot in this case is much nicer. You can see that it’s rear mounting with false screws on either side. The AliExpress one on the other hand is front mounting, leabing exposed screws and the posibility that the handle could get ripped off the front of the drawer depending on the size of screw you choose to use.

Also, this would require you to buy painted black screws to match the black handle. Luckily you can buy a pack of 50 for under $3.00 CAD on AliExpress.

Under Cabinet Lighting

$109.00!? Who the heck is going to pay that much for a flimsy LED strip!? Not me! Now you may not know this about me, but I used to have an e-commerce store dedicated to LED lighting. This means I’ve got pretty good knowledge on LED lights. There is NO WAY Philips is making an LED strip that costs them more than $5 to make. Even most LED strips on AliExpress use Philips LEDs.

If you are in the market for ANY kind of LED lighting, I will always recommend getting it from sites like AliExpress. Chinese manufactures make them anyway, why not buy directly from them and skip the markup?

Final Thoughts

Although not everything from AliExpress is going to be the same quality as American made products, that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from at least price checking. 99% of the time the product you’re going to buy is already made in China, and more than likley is the exact same manufacturer that big box retailers such as The Home Depot buy from.

If you’re looking to save a few hundred dollars on your next reno, considering shopping on AliExpress. You’ll be surprised by everything you can find, and how inexpensive it can really be.

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